Lyon's apps

Here are a few English language apps to help you organise your trip, journeys and stay in Lyon.
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  • Application iPhone Murs Peints


  •  Lyon's Traboules
    Stroll through the traboules in complete freedom. Traboules are passageways in Vieux-Lyon and the Croix-Rousse district that link one street to another … all of which are architectural and historical gold mines.
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  • Murals
    Set out on a discovery tour of Lyon's famous murals. This is an alternative way to discover Lyon's history, and the great men and women who made the city what it is today.
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  • Enform@Lyon
    This app, edited by the City of Lyon, enables you to jog through the city's heritage sites at your own pace. Run or walk along 11 audioguided routes rated green, blue or red depending on their length and elevation. New tours are regularly added.
    Each guided tour is punctuated by muscle strengthening sessions (in video form), with 3 levels of difficulty, and the possibility of monitoring your own performances. You can activate or deactivate the comments or videos.
    And finally, all trails are also available to persons with reduced mobility
    The ideal formula to remain active and discover Lyon at the same time.
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  • Cityscape 
    The app gives you all the keys to gain a better understanding of the city, its developments and urban landscaping… 
    To find out all about a building or to follow a particular route.
  • Wild Gaming
    Interactive outdoor treasure hunt
    Be the hero the city deserves. Solve the riddles and find the treasure by achieving the Wild Gaming Adventure!
  • Monument Tracker 
    A fun app with which to discover the monuments in Lyon, answer quizzes or take part in a treasure hunt, according to your own level of proficiency, from beginner to expert. It also offers several thematic tours or missions…


  • Fête des Lumières (Festival of Lights)
    All the installations and tours in the blink of an eye. Share your own selection with your friends.  : Download it on Android  or on iTunes
  • Musée des Beaux-Arts (The Fine Arts Museum)
    Visit the museum (in French or English) in total freedom: over 300 works of art are covered by the audio presentation, with visuals, texts and videos, an interactive map and thematic routes. 
    Follow 1 of 3 thematic trails enhanced by videos: Works of art, Colour/black, Nature/plants



  • Optymod
    This very practical app gives you all the best real-time travelling solutions to get from one place to another as quickly as possible - by road, public transport, on foot or by bicycle, with traffic forecasts and various information related to travelling in the city
  • Allbikesnow 
    Are you a bicycle fan? Here are some very useful apps to help you find a bicycle via a bike-share system or a free space to return your bicycle to a station close to wherever you are staying.
  • Aéroport (airport)
    All departing and arriving flights in real time, how to get to Lyon-Saint-Exupéry airport, how to book a car parking space, and find the right terminal and services you need…
  • Rhonexpress 
    To see the times, buy a ticket, be informed of traffic conditions, flight and train times at Lyon-Saint-Exupéry airport, and even read the latest novels while you wait!