Tea' Landsia


Tea' Landsia

A haven of peace in the heart of Lyon, Tea'Landsia offers tea, coffee, snacks and gourmet products in a warm, friendly setting. With its atypical decor, perfect mix of calm and conviviality, Tea 'Landsia can afford you a unique work experience.

In addition to locally sourced products, gluten and allergen-free products are also available.
Tea’Landsia prides itself on the diversity of its range. There is something for all tastes, and dietary requirements.

Tea lovers will delight in a choice of twenty varieties, mostly organic, whose wonderful scents recall exotic destinations.

And every two weeks, Tea 'Landsia serves Sunday brunch!
Creative and culinary workshops, based on health and well-being, are also offered every other week.

Take advantage of our professional workshops to develop your skills, from our meeting place to develop your professional network and take advice for your business.